Friday, February 18, 2011

Forrest K Wegge, Hillsboro town idiot and possibly bribe taker

This is a story regarding a prosecuting attorney in Hillsboro Missouri named Forrest K. Wegge. It is unknown if he takes bribes but in this case it makes you wonder. The setting is a small county area within St. Louis County called Fenton. The area is within a trailer park and the family of the women beaten (victim) consisted of an obese mother, two son's 35 and 38, living with her who continually get drunk and deadbeat father who could care less about the whole family.

The story begins with a gentleman named John (Victim 1) who dated the women named Steffanie (victim 2) for three plus years. The victim, Steffanie, went to her mothers to stay for a while ( three weeks) to see her children and visit her mother. During the time Steffanie stayed with her mother, the two boys, Zack and Clinton Rigger, would get drunk and beat their sister because she would not agree with conversations and augments between the boy's. The two boys’ are unemployed and live off their mother, get drunk and bully their mother. The mother is unemployed and is a deadbeat herself and cannot keep the boy's under control.

The story begins.

A friend of mine named John (victim 1) recently had a man point a gun at him by a drunken sister beating man named Zach. When he drove to Fenton to rescue Steffanie (victim 2) from the family, he thought he would be smart and call the police, and have them accompany him to the address. The police arrived at the address with the man named Zach Rigger coming out of the house pointing the gun at the victim 1 and police.  The police saw Zach Rigger with the gun pointed at the victim 1 and shouted out for Zach to put the gun down. When the police recovered the gun, it was fully loaded and one in the chamber. Zach was arrested for beating his sister profusely and for pointing the gun at his victim 1 and police. Zach Rigger was drunk, pointing the gun at his victim, and beat his sister till she was bleeding. The police did the usal and began reports to document the case.

When I looked at the report, it was amazing that no one got hurt. Zach Rigger was drunk at the time, had a loaded gun pointing it at John and police. This kind of case is what you think is open and shut against the man named Zach Rigger. The prosecuting attorney personally looked at the case and signed off on a letter stating, there was not sufficient evidence to determining the man Zach Rigger guilty of a crime.

Mr. Forrest Wegges' (prosecuting attorney at the time), careful review of the case allowed the police officers risking their life,  and the dangerous apprehension of the man named Zach Rigger, to go without punishment. Mr. Forrest Wegge found the GUN SLINGER (  innocent  ) of beating his sister, pointing the loaded gun at an innocent bystander, and pointing a gun at police officers.

When the victim called to talk to Mr. Wegge, he was given to his assistant who refused to put Mr. Wegge on the phone. He was given no chance to leave a voice mail or a message.
This goes to show you that money buys you out of anything. I will personally watch for his re-election and back his opponent with every resource I have. Case # (1030011)

More to come on this case to come later.

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